Photobook: Interdependence with Nature (2022) (06/03/2024)
The photobook “Interdependence with Nature" is a humble collection of personal sharings from the farmers who practice ecological farming in Ha Tinh and Quang Binh, the two provinces in Central Vietnam. Applying the principle of interdependence with the “Forest - Milpa - Rice Field” system, these farmers are maintaining and developing a sustainable ecological farming method which is vulnerable to the monoculture agriculture and the abuse of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides in the slope ecosystem in Vietnam. This farming method also brings a positive impact on climate change.

Biodiversity, Green Economy and Carbon Finance  (31/01/2024)
Now with the interdependent harmony of the Earth thoroughly undermined humans are waking up to their mistake and trying to re-embed a greener economy to help save the Earth. 
Decree 80/2020/Nđ-Cp From Speri’s Perspective  (11/01/2023)
The Annex 1 attached with the Decree 80/2020/ NĐ-CP (hereafter called Decree 80) of the Government dated 8 July 2020 on management and use of non-refundable aid not in form of official development assistance of foreign agencies, organizations and individuals for Vietnam is applicable as a standard form.
With this form, every project at its different stages from project building to project implementation and completion will achieve its high efficiency in terms of community capacity and community responsibility for natural resources, and community solidarity in the development strategy on ecological agriculture, civilized farmers and modern rural areas towards a Green Growth nation.
The home key returns to the villages (09/12/2022)
“Decision on the community rights to manage, develop and benefit from five sacred forests” is the key implied by the village elder. It has truly come back to all 19 villages on Mang Den plateau and Mang Canh commune in particular.
Structural Poverty and Community Development in Mekong Region Determined by LISO (26/04/2022)
“Helping the indigenous people but without understanding their wisdom, custom and knowledge in their own territorial governance would mean to create a new form of poverty”
Terms of Reference (ToR) – Political Consultant (11/06/2021)
Political Consultancy Timeline: June – July 2021.
Reviewing Scope: Across Vietnam.
Project location: Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province, Central Highland Vietnam.
ALert System(28/05/2021)