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Theo bước chân Thầy (25/02/2015)
Thầy thắp sáng lại  Niềm tin từ những trái tim vô vọng;
Để  lái những chuyền đò đưa học trò cập bến đam mê;
Chốn rừng xanh mênh mang,  Thầy là tiếng chim Cuốc gọi về;
Sưởi ấm lại Đầy - Vơi - Ý nhị và Thi vị 'Thuở Xưa';
Ở tuổi nghỉ ngơi, Thầy vẫn đội Nắng Đi - Về - Ngẫm  - Nghĩ;
Thầy vẫn là Thầy lái những chuyến đò trên Sông Khát vọng Tự do.
The music and songs of the Ma Lieng people of the upper Gianh  (11/11/2014)
A quiet misty autumn morning in the upper Gianh is transformed by the music and songs of the Ma Lieng singers of Cao mountain village, Lam Hoa Commune, Tuyen Hoa District, Quang Binh Province.
After 30 years, Dong Thang Commune's forest and forestland have rightful owners (19/03/2014)
Its 30 years since the Secretariat of the Central Communist Party issued their directive "to make every land area, every forest, every hill have a rightful owner". On December 24th, 2013, 6 villages and 112 households of the rural villages of Pac Cooc, Pac Dau, Na Xoong, Na Ngoa, Lan Khe, and Na Xoong saw this directive put into practice, as they were officially granted certificates of use right of 3,500 hectares of land and forest. There could be no greater news for the Dong Thang people before new year’s eve 2014.
Na Tang people rebel illegal loggers (04/03/2014)
It was a cold January night, the north wind whistled continuously through the cracks in the old door. Breaking the mood the phone rang. A person on the other end spoke urgently - please come immediately, Khuoi Quay forest in Na Tang village is being destroyed. The voice had such burning passion and worry that I felt the need to leave immediately for that remote place.
News Commune and District authorities help locals in Ho Muoi rejuvenate their natural forest (28/02/2014)
Four years has passed since a community land allocation pilot program and forest biodiversity management and sustainable use scheme was started in Ho Muoi village (Minh Son commune, Huu Lung district, Lang Son province). The programme, consulted and supported by CIRUM, is highly appreciated by the local people and authorities. Many indigenous trees have been planted, they are growing well and the character of the forest is changing as eucalyptus is being replaced.
Since awareness to action in ensuring the land rights of Ja Rai ethnic community  (05/12/2013)
For the first time in Kon Tum, Ja Rai ethnic minority community in Ka Bay village, Ho Moong commune, Sa Thay district was officially recognized the title over 30.8 hectares of the traditional forestland on the basis of Joint Circulars07/TTLT-BNN & BTNMT. This event is great significant not only for the sovereign, but also contributing to maintain the spirit and livelihood spaces of the Ja Rai.


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