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Customary Law
17 Articles provided by SPERI and LISO included in the 2014 New Forest Law  (30/10/2019)
LISO stands for TEW-CHESH-CIRD-SPERI-CODE-CENDI and CIRUM alliance members who are engaging over the last three decades of concentrating on the Indigenous People’s Wisdom in Biodiversity Enrichment and Ecological Cultural Livelihood Sovereignty which based on Community Economy. Given the its effort, LISO has successfully lobbied the inclusion of 17 Articles in the New Forest Law No.16/2017/QH14 of the Vietnamese Government
Closing ceremony and signing MOU on Development Cooperation between Luang Prabang PAFO and CHESH  (08/05/2019)
On April 22, 2019, the Luang Prabang PAFO in collaboration with CHESH Lao Program / CHESH Vietnam held a ceremony to review the research and development cooperation activities for the period 2016-2018 and renew MOU. Participating in the ceremony were 45 delegates representing communities located in the Phousung and Kuangsi watershed areas, Provincial and District People's Committees and functional departments of Muong Na, Xieng Nguen and Luang Prabang districts.
Ceremony of granting forest and land use rights certificate to Ro Ngao ethnic communities in Kon Tum (19/12/2014)
In compliance with Decisions 2040, 2041 and 2042 dated November 6, 2014 of Sa Thay District People’s Committee (DPC) on forest and land allocation for Ro Ngao communities in Dak Wok, Dak Yo and Ko Tu villages, Ho Mong Communnal People’s Committee (CPC) organized a ceremony of granting land use rights certificate for water source protection to these groups on December 17, 2014.
Thai Ethnic Minority villagers see justice done and take back their land (23/04/2014)
It’s early in the morning of April 17th 2014, and all the villagers are ready. They have collected indigenous Trau (Vernicia fordii) wildlings for re-afforestation and prepared new boundary markers to replace those removed by the company.  They intend to take back their land that was illegally grabbed by Que Phong Rubber Company, and repair the damage done by the company’s machines and workers.
Affirming the sovereignty of Thai people over the land and forest of Hanh Dich (03/03/2014)
In the afternoon of December 24th, 2013, local authorities in coordination with the People's Committee of Hanh Dich Commune, LandNet and the Livelihood Sovereignty Alliance (LISO) held the "Announcement Ceremony of the Decision to Award the Certificate of Forest and Forestland Use Right to the community of Thai people in the villages of Chieng, Pa Co, Pa Kim, and Khom."
Transparent forest right for equality of payment of environment services in Si Ma Cai district (02/01/2014)
After the two years deployment of community based forest and forestland allocation, Lung Sui commune, Simacai district, Lao Cai province has been formally selected as a pilot program on Payment of Environment Services of Forest (PES). This is the first location in Lao Cai province, households and communities who are forest owners are entitled to recieve PES.


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