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Decree 80/2020/Nđ-Cp From Speri’s Perspective
1. The Annex 1 attached with the Decree 80/2020/ NĐ-CP (hereafter called Decree 80) of the Government dated 8 July 2020 on management and use of non-refundable aid not in form of official development assistance of foreign agencies, organizations and individuals for Vietnam is applicable as a standard form.
With this form, every project at its different stages from project building to project implementation and completion will achieve its high efficiency in terms of community capacity and community responsibility for natural resources, and community solidarity in the development strategy on ecological agriculture, civilized farmers and modern rural areas towards a Green Growth nation.

2. Every project should be built based on the Annex 1 of the Decree 80.
Social Policy Ecology Research Institute (SPERI) is an independent science and technology organization which operates in accordance with the Law on Science and Technology under the legal documents issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology - MOST, namely: Decision 2168/QĐ-BKHCN dated 22 July 2011 of Ministry of Science and Technology on the permission for continuation of operation of the Social Policy Ecology Research Institute attached with the approved Regulation on the organization and operation of the Social Policy Ecology Research Institute, and Certificate of science and technology  activity registration no A-525 issued on 1 December 2020. SPERI was founded by Tran Thi Lanh (www.speri.org/; http://ecofarmingschool.org/) and Geoff Lawton (www.pri.org/; https://www.permaculturenews.org/2008/03/17/permaculture-partnerprogram-in-vietnam; http://speri.org/eng/content/Human-Resource/Founding-Board-170-178.html). MOST is responsible for appraising advantages and effectiveness of SPERI as an independent institute under MOST’s management according to the Law of Science and Technology based on the personal profiles of SPERI’s co-founders with their judicial records, citizenship, majors and socio-economic values. Upon receiving the Certificate, SPERI’s legal documents are posted transparently, and SPERI’s philosophy, development orientations, partnership history, and professional commitments through development projects and programs in compliance with the SPERI’s Certificate are updated and monitored through SPERI website www.speri.org.
Other Departments of relevant Ministries act as representatives of the State management to verify the legitimacy of the partnership between SPERI and its donor(s) in form of project by reviewing SPERI’s submitted Annex 1. This is the way the State controls the science and technology organizations transparently and effectively. For better understanding of the role, functions and responsibilities of the State management agencies in the process of project appraisal and approval, we would like to take the project “Applied Community Based Agro-Ecology for Livelihood Security and Biodiversity Enrichment toward CO2 Accumulation (2022 – 2025)” between SPERI, SCCF and MISEREOR that has already been submitted by SPERI’s and is under process, as an example. 

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