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New rice feast of the H're people in Po E Commune, Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province, Vietnam (29/03/2017)
The H’re indigenous worldview is that a ll things have soul and spirits. In the natural world of the H’re, there are many kinds of spirits called Zang. They are Spirit of the Sky (Zang Pling), Spirit of the Thunder (Zang Y Voac), Spirit of the Land (Zang Ta Ni), Spirit of the Mountain (Zang Vang Can), Spirit of the Rock (Zang Ha Mat), and Spirit of the Tree (Zang Loong) and so forth.
Issues facing the Livelihood and Culture Spaces of the Co Tu Ethnic in Quang Nam Province (29/03/2017)
After 10 years of policy implementation, Quang Nam is one of the most proactive provinces in Vietnam achieving great efforts. About 249 communities were allocated with over 160 thousand hectares of forest and forestland. Yet, due to various reasons, such allocated forest and forestland area has yet merely been done on paper, while even the allocation record is yet completed.
Forest allocation to community in the Central Highlands: When love converges  (29/03/2017)
In the Central Highlands, forest and human are in extremely close connection. “I have traveled a lot. Wherever I have been in the Central Highlands, I see that people cannot live without forest. For the sustainable development of the Central Highlands, it must not separate people from forest…”
‘Sacred forests’ of the Central Highlands (13/11/2014)
There are primeval forests of the Central Highlands which are still green, even though they are located in a densely populated area. Such respected spaces are ‘sacred forests’ that nobody would dare "desecrate".
‘Nao Long’ – The Traditional Community Institution (07/08/2009)

Pho Cu is the name of a village in Simacai district, Lao Cai province. It was established under the French colonial period. Pho Cu retains a spirit forest with an area of about 3 hectares. This forest names Lung San. Lung San is a sacred place for whole community to organize the traditional festival, namely Nao Long of the Mong.



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