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Ideological recommendation for improvement of draft Land Law 2013
Renovation of thinking, understanding and perception of legislators of Land Law is prerequisite for sustainable development of Vietnam. National holistic land zoning and planning MUST be identified as a foundation and lodestar effecting every plans, decisions of other types of planning for the sake of stable socio-political, cultural, economic development of the nation. Transparent, democracy land zoning and planning has special implication while land become a very hot constraint today as well as in the future. Legislators as well as the society need to understand deeply that: ‘land zoning and planning’ is a decisive premise for strategy of socio-economic, civil political, and secure administration. Every citizen participating in discussion of land zoning and planning would deal with reality, courageously admid falures and errors of the previous land policies, then embark upon stabilize and trengthen faithful, effective state power of the people, from the people, and  for the people to deal with domestic and external obstacles in the market economy. A unique opportunity for prevention from and solution for land conflicts between people and companies, community and state enterprises, people and people, and between enterprises becomes reality if the Land Law 2013 is prepared and set up in a transparent, democratic and scientific way and strategy of ‘national holistic land zoning and planning and its digital  management system’. With detailed apparent chapters, articles and provisions of the Land Law 2013, the optimal utility of digital system and websites would ensure equality and transparency of information access for everyone. That also plays a vital role and serves as necessity for political regime and livelihood security for every Vietnamese citizens.

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